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Holden and Ed have been working in ceramics since 1997 and as a team since 2003. Both are graduates of Auburn University and have completed post-graduate studies at Penland School of Craft in NC and in Santa Fe, NM. They use a collaborative process making all unique, one-of-a-kind sculptures.

Sculptures are made using clay slabs, extusions, coils and pinched forms often combined with mixed media materials. Texture is applied to the clay surfaces with found objects (driftwood, rocks, corals) and handmade ceramic stamps and roulettes. Painted and drawn surfaces incorporate terra sigillata, layered underglazes, slips, oxides and sgraffito.

Along with making their sculpture, recently they have begun adding mixed media encaustic painting into their body of work; combining their original photography with layered beeswax.


They are members of the Southern Highland Craft Guild, Piedmont Craftsmen Guild and the American Craft Council – professional membership.  They sell their work at their studio, online and are featured in galleries in the US.